Sex drive in mature women

A fifty year old woman called me today. She talked fast, laughed easily, and sounded a little nervous. Without asking me for anything, she started telling me the story of how over the past few months, almost every single past lover she'd ever had, suddenly was coming back in contact with her.

Lover, by the way, was her choice of words, and it made her giggle. One found her on Facebook and struck up a conversation, another sent her a whatsapp, yet another called out of the blue ... but she didn't want any of them back into her life. She had a relationship of 1.5 years, and no interest in reconnecting with her past lovers beyond a casual "Hey, how's it's going". Yet they were asking her out.

"Now," she said, "my thoughts are all over the place as to why this is happening. I thought maybe it was my ADD playing up, but I've always have those symptoms and I recognise them. Perhaps it's the energy I'm transmitting, or it's the weather, or something's up with my kundalini ... I can't figure it out. Can you give me any insight in what's going on here?"

This is one of those cases where the answer is easy, but the delivery takes a little delicacy.

I started out carefully. "Do you notice that when you talk about your old lovers seeking you out, you like it? Even if you don't want them back, it's fun that they're asking. You like the attention, the market value, the interest. The idea that they are interested." Admitting to that? Yikes. I knew I was asking a lot. "But these guys," she said, "I really don't want anything with them." Of course, it wasn't about the guys. It was about sex.

She has a healthy sex drive, and she wants to be having a whole lot more sex thagrey 300n is currently happening for her. So, always helpful, her subconscious started calling people into her life that she associates with a sexual experience. Her life was telling her, loud and clear and in text messages, "Hey, do you want to be having more sex? You have options available!" Her kundalini were fine. Her pussy, on the other hand, had definitely seen better days, and it missed them. Once I made the connection for her, it all made sense. Why her creativity lately had been coming on in surges. Why she had been feeling antsy, jittery, frustrated, and impatient lately. Men are very familiar with this feeling. They call it: being horny. And she was feeling it too, so strongly that she was drawing opportunities into her life.

You see, this isn't actually so strange. Woman may be embarrassed about it, but as we get older, our sex drive doesn't just slowly taper off. Perhaps once it did, but in today's world, with all the changes going on in the energy of the planet, older woman are sexual beings as much as any other. And that's ok. It's good, it's healthy and let's be honest, it's fun! Embracing your own sexuality leads to a richer life, a better understanding of yourself, and a whole variety of added health benefits.

And my client? I encouraged her to seek out casual sexual relationships. Good sex, no fuss, no strings. She needs to re-claim and experience her sexuality, and all she needed was a little permission and encouragement.


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