Life over the phonelines

Even in this time of internet connectedness, people sometimes still want to hear a human voice who takes the time to listen to them. One of our editors works as a freelancer at several spiritual advice phonelines, where she uses her training as a Meta-Intuitive to make sense of people's everyday life. Here are some of the stories (redacted), and some of the answers.

The great emotional trash days

"Hey, I was hoping you can tell me what's going on ... I've been crying all day, I woke up with it. It's horrible, I'm frustrated and so sad all the time and I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I feel really alone and confused and I can't stop crying." When it's one caller like that, you brush it off. When it's everyone for two or three days straight, you start wondering what's going on.

Who calls a phoneline?

So, you work at a phone line. People call you, for advice, for guidance, for a listening ear. To sort out a situation that's got them groping in the dark. Or just so you can point out the obvious to them, because it's easier to hear it from a stranger. But who are these people? What kind of people picks up a phone and calls a payed number when they don't know anymore? All kinds of people, seems like.

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