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    Even in this time of internet connectedness, people sometimes still want to hear a human voice who takes the time to listen to them. One of our editors works as a freelancer at several spiritual advice phonelines, where she uses her training as a Meta-Intuitive to make sense of people's everyday life. Here are some of the stories (redacted), and some of the answers.

  • Fighting battles over pain from the past

    We all know that patterns from the past tend to repeat themselves. What we don't always realise, is how intense those effects can be. We can spend years, or decades, fighting ugly and exhausting battles for no other reason that that we are trying to resolve some situation from the past that we keep holding on to.

  • Sounding right vs. being right

    Let me tell you today about a mom who is trying to discover who she is - while living with a teenage son who has a pretty clear idea of who she is, and isn't happy with it. Somewhere under their struggle I found an unexpected but beautiful harmony.

  • The child in the grown man

    As an elegant followup to the previous article, let me tell you about a man who called, late at night, to ask about his father's new relationship. He didn't like her. Two minutes into the call, I didn't like him.

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