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    Even in this time of internet connectedness, people sometimes still want to hear a human voice who takes the time to listen to them. One of our editors works as a freelancer at several spiritual advice phonelines, where she uses her training as a Meta-Intuitive to make sense of people's everyday life. Here are some of the stories (redacted), and some of the answers.

  • Boiling and anger

    There is no difference in temperature between something that is just simmering, something that is boiling slowly and something that's a rapid boil.

    When someone pokes a button in you, and you get scared and say leave me alone, grump grump grump... it's exactly the same as screaming and throwing things and attacking people. It's that place where you go from "I'm in control" to "I'm out of control and angry". Just like the boiling water, when you shift from one to the other, it doesn't matter if it's a simmer or a slow boil or a fast boil where you're attacking people with knives.

    Any time you find yourself shifting from being in control and making your own decisions to the fear and anger taking a hold of you, you've already got a problem. Don't wait until it becomes a raging boil before you consider it a problem and address it.

    Angel, 2015-02-07

  • Sadness is mourning

    Accept that sadness is always mourning, for parts of your life that have passed away or that are passing away. Even in a case where your parents or loved ones die, even in a case where your child dies. You are not missing them, for missing creates a longing, a seeking. They are mourning, not the person but that part of their life that has changed, looking ahead to their life without this person.

    Sadness is a mourning for your life that has changed. When it changes, all that you knew must change, and much is lost.

    When you lose a loved one, you will not see them again in this lifetime, there is nothing you can do about it. And so the sadness can only grow year after year, slowly eating away at your emotions and your ability to live and enjoy what life can bring you. But the moment you recognise it not as a longing, but as a mourning for that which your life has lost, then a tiny part of you can recognise that what you are mourning is change. The life you had is gone, the dreams you had with this person are gone, and change is painful.

    Change also always gives us the opportunity to grow and explore new things, to become more than we ever were. If you can recognise you're mourning because your life has changed, it still may take you years, but eventually you will get to a place where that change is something you have embraced, that change can make you love more deeply and feel more passionately, to express the things you feel to the people in your life, it opens you up for potential for the new that otherwise you would not have experienced. It can come with frustration and pain, but it leaves the potential for beauty and wonder, while mourning a loss only leaves the potential for greater emptiness.

    This is why it matters that you understand all sadness is mourning the loss of our own dreams, our own ideas, the world we had planned or our attitudes about that world. And that loss is a step in the process of change that can eventually bring you unbelievable, astonishing beauty and some day joy.

    Angel, 2015-04-24

  • Sadness is the sound of healing

    When sadness comes up, most people are unhappy and frustrated and wish it would go away. But sadness is the feeling, the sound of healing. When healing is going on within you, sadness is the sound that it makes.

    Some have said that sadness and joy go together, and others like Gibran have said that sadness is the root of joy. But while there is something to be said for both, sadness is what happens when you release the pain you've carried for years or lifetimes. Sadness is what you feel as it goes. And in this, sadness is the sign of the greatest gift you can give yourself, which is the chance to be whole, to be complete. And when you get there, you will find joy. On the way there, I encourage you to seek and practice joy - but when sadness comes, don't fight it - because it means something inside is healing.

    Angel, 2015-03-05

  • The great emotional trash days

    "Hey, I was hoping you can tell me what's going on... I've been crying all day, I woke up with it. It's horrible, I'm frustrated and so sad all the time and I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I feel really alone and confused and I can't stop crying." When it's one caller like that, you brush it off. When it's everyone for two or three days straight, you start wondering what's going on.

  • Two kinds of memory

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