• Are you a relationship wrecker?

    Sometimes, you receive that one call that puts your faith in people right back on the map. Here's the story of a relationship-wrecker who had a sudden realisation. And a bonus story.

  • Blog

    Even in this time of internet connectedness, people sometimes still want to hear a human voice who takes the time to listen to them. One of our editors works as a freelancer at several spiritual advice phonelines, where she uses her training as a Meta-Intuitive to make sense of people's everyday life. Here are some of the stories (redacted), and some of the answers.

  • Purpose and meaning

    A very short phonecall with a very big implication. Imagine, you're healthy, you've a partner, you've a job, you're trying to earn more money to go on bigger vacations and then one day you're 40some and you realise you have no idea who you are. Now what?

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