Sadness is the sound of healing

When sadness comes up, most people are unhappy and frustrated and wish it would go away. But sadness is the feeling, the sound of healing. When healing is going on within you, sadness is the sound that it makes.

Some have said that sadness and joy go together, and others like Gibran have said that sadness is the root of joy. But while there is something to be said for both, sadness is what happens when you release the pain you've carried for years or lifetimes. Sadness is what you feel as it goes. And in this, sadness is the sign of the greatest gift you can give yourself, which is the chance to be whole, to be complete. And when you get there, you will find joy. On the way there, I encourage you to seek and practice joy - but when sadness comes, don't fight it - because it means something inside is healing.

Angel, 2015-03-05

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