Women are easy

There is a myth among men that says women are confusing and high maintenance. Women who start dating women say the same. It's a myth. There are two things that every woman wants. You give her that, she will be low maintenance.

1. She wants someone who truly believes she's beautiful. You look at her and notice her and truly believe she's beautiful. And if you don't believe it, don't date her. Every woman wants this. It's true from the time they are small children.

2. When women are bitchy or mean or aggressive, it's because they're feeling insecure. You will never find a truly dominant bitchy woman. When she's being bitchy, don't become submissive, become strong. Be dominant. She'll fight and she'll struggle a bit, but when she realises that you really are strong, the insecure piece will feel safe and relax and she'll be much happier.

People who don't understand women, just don't understand these two things. You get this, and women become really low maintenance. You learn these things, and women become fun, and easy, and great to be around. They become truly wonderful people.

Angel, 2014-09-03

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